Health Guarantee 

We wholeheartedly invest in ensuring that our relationship with you does not end when you bring a little dog from us. As educators, seasoned little dog trainers and fanatical cute puppies, we choose to put up with the fact that nothing can go wrong with our puppies. Be that as it may, some things are never under our control. A dog’s health depends on many factors such as hereditary traits, exercise, food and nutrition, and in general, into consideration. In case something goes wrong, we usually try to help, in many cases anyway, where our warranty does not cover it. While we cannot guarantee that your dog will never have health problems, we do guarantee that we will do our best to ensure that your new relative’s health be happy.

Our Health Guarantee: 

We disagree that your doggie can be replaced, but we do agree that sometimes the agony can be reduced in the organization of another fuzzy companion. In the fictitious case of the death of a dog for a long time from the moment of its appearance in the world due to hereditary qualities, or if the puppy is found to have internal or genetic problems (within two years), which adversely affects the health of your little dog, we will replace the pet with another of the same value at no cost to you. The cause of death must be confirmed by an authorized veterinarian.

Failure to give your puppy the perfect vaccinations or routine veterinary examination will void this warranty.

This warranty does not cover any costs associated with fixation or fixation, including undescended testicles.