1: Is it really good for a puppy?

On the way to transport the puppy, I receive numerous

requests – people often wonder if it is protected and how it functions.

Will he / she be scared? How long will it take?

Isn’t it difficult for a puppy to be in a box for so long?

 In this way, I expose the birthing cycle to people to help
them feel more relaxed on their way to getting a puppy.


2: Puppy delivery is very secure: see below for details

Delivery a puppy without help from anyone else to another area consistently sounds pitiless and humiliating, however I think it is more earnestly for us than the puppy(s). With my numerous long periods of delivery experience, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the entirety of the puppies are all around dealt with. So all things considered, the aircrafts won’t abuse the puppy(s) inspired by a paranoid fear of claim and client disappointment. I tape puppy(s) food and taking care of directions to the highest point of the carton and put frozen water in the case, so it will steadily defrost for the puppy(s) and the young doggies are offered food along the ride. 


3: How long does it take to deliver?

A normal flight is 3 to 5 hours. I usually get some information about any delays or delays and I know specific cases and takeoffs of flights, so I know where the puppy is and am ready to provide you with the data as well. 


The puppy will show up the same day it is shipped – usually in a couple of hours. I have a large feathery mat of spoiled paper in a cardboard box for the puppy (s) to settle in, and usually a pig bite in the ear (they love them), and a toy or sock with my scent to help the little guy. bite the sense of security


4: What do our little dogs care about?

Our little dogs are raised on Nutri Source Small / Medium
Chicken and Rice Puppy, a quality 4-star food available at many veterinary
centers and pet stores. We generally suggest using quality nutrients, 2 of
which we have excellent results are Nave and Pfizer Pet Tabs Plus. Dogs also
benefit from dry puppy food. We recommend that you train your puppy to groom
him early in the day and again at night to be able to check when he should go
to the potty. You can start with 1-2 glasses of food each time, in case they
tidy up food, at this point add a little more until you get to the correct
portion of food that your puppy is burning.