Julian: It was so nice to finally meet you guys and thanks so much for showing us around. Your nursery is very pretty and looks like it will work great! We named our baby Dakoda. Kadien is delighted with him, she tries to console him and play with him. We had a good time and were home by 8pm. He did a very good job last night. I put it in the dog’s area and split it up. So he was with Cadien and Cody, but he had his own space. He whimpered for about 5 minutes. and slept. Thanks a lot and I’ll keep you posted, he’s a sweetheart! Thank you so much and have a great Thanksgiving! Julian and Barry, Orlando, Florida

Gus Iglesias: I was one of those people who were kind of like that when I bought this dog online, but Daniel was a pleasure to work with and is willing to help you anyway so you can get your new little one buddy. The dog is cool. He has a beautiful color and a well-bred puppy. If I was going to buy another Chihuahua puppy, I would go through Daniel. I had an amazing shopping experience from him, you will not be disappointed. Many thanks



Neeli Orozco 10/14/18 10:41 AM Hi, my family had a lot of pets but never had a dog and we spent months looking for a reliable site where we could get one. You guys were very helpful from day one until we got Tee, he came in healthy and handsome, well trained and playful. Even after our first visit to the vet, he was found healthy and up to date with everything you promised. You guys are doing your job really well, thanks for everything. God bless

Neeli Orozco, Miami, Florida

Jacob 09/25/20 14:20 Max became our angel. I have always wanted a Chihuahua and thanks to you I finally got the perfect baby, he feels very good and gets stronger every day, thanks for everything.

Alisha Brooke Anchorage, Alaska. We adopted our Alonzo on July 20, 2020. Besides being absolutely gorgeous, he is the love of our life. My husband and I were unlucky with our past two dogs due to aggressive behavior and Alonzo just got rid of all our worries. Others actually bring their dogs to us to socialize. His character and love of life are simply beyond words. I am an avid runner and he is my number one partner. ?? He takes my shoes and leash. I have been asked eight times if my Chihuahua puppy is Daniel Chihuahua’s home, “and I smile proudly and say,” Absolutely. ” We cannot thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family. Waiting for number two